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As a Legal Advisor, Why Recommend Escrow Global?

Ensure Your Client's Business Continuity

As an attorney or IT consultant you should help ensure the proper intellectual property protection for your client by recommending that your Escrow Global’s “active” escrow services.  Many leading law firms have already used Escrow Global to create the optimal escrow agreements for their clients.
Escrow Global specializes in creating technology escrow solutions which can be customized to the exact specifications and needs that you and your clients require and expect from a professional technology escrow agent.



Focused Solutions for Legal Advisors

Our various types of escrow arrangements including 3 party agreements and Frame (multi-party) agreements are designed to serve your clients’ needs worldwide. We manage our agreements with a high degree of flexibility in order to best suit you and your clients’ needs and requests.
Our goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary, and to implement the best escrow solution for your clients through a professional and neutral third party. Our ability to create custom agreements to match your clients’ exact needs and specifications, combined with our technical expertise, and our helpful administrative work allows us to provide the highest quality service to clients around the world.  

Compliance to Israel Chief Scientist / Innovation Authority regulations –

Escrow Global’s agreements are compliant and approved by the Innovation Authority to provide your clients a smooth and effective solution for such needs.

Security For Software and Technology Users

Using an escrow agreement is the proper risk management solution to protect your clients’ from risk of their software vendor not being able to provide maintenance and support to their software.
In contrast to our “active” escrow agreement, passive escrow agreements (usually provided by law firms or notaries) put your clients at risk. Because there is always a chance the escrow deposit might be incomplete or incorrect when released to the end user, the whole arrangement becomes ineffective. Our deposit releases are managed very closely by our professionals, and we have a proven record of success.
At Escrow Global, our “active” escrow agreements combine legal expertise, technical know-how, and “hands-on” administrative services to provide your clients with the most effective escrow solution. We  make sure that the materials put into escrow are actually useful to your clients on the day that they need to be released.