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As a Software Developer or Vendor, Why Use Escrow Global?

We Help You Manage & Control Your Intellectual Property 

Escrow agreements are a key element in protecting your interests as well as those of your clients. By ensuring that no matter what happens to your business (bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, or any kind of crisis) you have protected your user’s investment in the mission critical technology they have purchased from you. This gives your clients confidence in you and your product. Escrow agreements protect your client's business continuity, while still securing your Intellectual Property rights and your trade secrets.
Our technology escrow arrangements have been designed by experts in the fields of law and technology, making them the most effective on the market. Escrow Global's “active” solutions have simplified the escrow process, by removing the burden of administering multiple escrow arrangements.

Escrow Global's Services Include:

         The option to use our popular and proven standard agreements.

  • Frame arrangements for software suppliers who serve many clients - including compliance to Office of Chief Scientist (OCS) regulations.
  • Expertise and flexibility in providing custom escrow agreements for companies worldwide.
  • Legal expertise - Fast agreement review and service set-up.
  • Secure transmission of escrow deposits – either electronically or physical delivery of your preferred media (DVD, USB, etc).
  • Technical verification of escrow deposits.
  • Highly secured data vaulting facilities worldwide.
  • Proactive notification service when you are due to make deposits.

       Compliance to Israel Chief Scientist/ Innovation Authority regulations –
       Escrow Global’s agreements are compliant and approved by the Innovation Authority to provide your clients a smooth and            effective solution for such needs.

The advantages of Escrow for Software Suppliers:

Increasing numbers of Software Suppliers worldwide recognize the various advantages of an Escrow Global solution. These include:
  • Unify and control your escrow arrangements and terms with one reliable and professional escrow service provider.
  • Smoothens and shortens your sales cycles.
  • An escrow agreement demonstrates to your clients that you are trustworthy and value their business continuity.
  • Providing proof of Intellectual Property copyright.
  • Compliance to various regulations and corporate policies that are required by clients. 
  • Stores a complete, documented set of the know-how as backup.
  • Protects you in the event that one of your key developers leaves with the IP.
  • Your clients’ need for escrow is perfectly common and legitimate as the arrangement deals with mission critical software for them.

Our Frame Agreements:

This special and strategic arrangement is practical for Software suppliers with multiple clients / usersInitiating a Frame (multi-client) escrow agreement helps a Supplier by:
  1. Giving them control of the terms of the escrow arrangement.
  2. Shortening the sales cycle.
  3. Keeping all escrow deposits in one secure location.
  4. Creating a positive confidence builder for clients and prospective clients.
  5. Avoiding unnecessary legal discussion upon the conclusion of License Agreements.
  6. Providing an effective quality “active” escrow solution which satisfies all companies, including large organizations.
  7. Provide a solid evidentiary document for your IP protection as a back up in the event of copyright infringement.
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