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As a Software User, Why Use Escrow Global?

We Help Protect Your Business Continuity

Many companies and organizations must rely on third party technology in their day to day operations. Dependency implies risk. It is crucial for technology users to minimize their exposure to such risks.
An escrow arrangement is the most widespread and effective tool for protecting your business continuity when your software vendor files bankruptcy or experiences other operational catastrophes.

Our Active Escrow
Every escrow agreement has important legal, technical, and administrative components. Only an “active” escrow arrangement, which handles all of these vital components, ensures that your continuity is fully protected. Our active escrow arrangement ensures that the release of the deposited material in escrow is smooth and quick, assuring your business continuity.

Legal Rights of Use

When a release of the escrow deposit occurs, it is vital that the Technology User’s legal rights to use the released material are protected and defined. Similarly, the Software Vendor’s Intellectual Property rights must also be safeguarded. Escrow Global’s active involvement in the legal aspect of our agreements has allowed us to develop the best legal practices to protect both the user and vendor

Services Provided by Our Active Escrow Solution 

High Quality Escrow Deposit - Technical Verification Services

The value of an Escrow arrangement depends entirely on the completeness and functionality of the deposited material. Consequently, technical verification of the escrow material is a basic, but very important, aspect of a quality arrangement. The original deposit, as well as all subsequent deposits, are verified by our technical department.
Escrow Global offers three varying levels of verification, providing our clients with the opportunity to choose between various degrees of testing. From our reliable Level I Standard Verification to our highly secure Level III Full Verification, Escrow Global can meet your verification requirements.

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Standard and Customized Escrow Agreements

Escrow Global’s recommended escrow terms are included in our standard agreements. They are based on over 14 years of experience in software escrow, and they have been reviewed by various IP and commercial lawyers. These terms are made available to you as a simple and cost effective means of establishing a comprehensive escrow agreement. However, Escrow Global’s legal professionals can assist you in drafting agreements with the right level of protection and the proper terms tot meet the demands of your corporate policies.

Our Key Features Include: 

The choice of either standard or customized escrow agreements, for worldwide legal jurisdictions.
Expert legal and technical advice for many customized solutions
Personal and fast service.

Professional indemnity insurance.
Maximum security vaulting.
Annual reporting of deposit activity.
Professional technical verification and reporting.
Administration – active follow up for updates/ new version.