Escrow Global - Verification Levels
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Multi-level Verification Options

The value of an Escrow arrangement depends entirely on the completeness and functionality of the deposited material. For this reason, technical verification of the escrow material is a basic aspect of a quality arrangement. The original deposit, and all subsequent deposits, are verified by our technical department.
Escrow Global offers three different verification levels, giving our clients the opportunity to choose between various degrees of testing, from our reliable Level I Standard Verification to our highly secure Level III Full Verification.

Level I - Standard verification

This verification is standard and comes with all of our agreements. It is carried out on all deposits stored with Escrow Global. Materials are verified for the presence and readability of the relevant data as presented and detailed by the supplier. A verification report is then provided listing the details of the escrow deposit, including source code, technical documentation and other important aspects.

Level II – Comprehensive verification

thorough, more complete inspection which includes compiling and building the deposited materials at the Software Supplier’s site in an existing development environment and deploying the executable version in this environment.

Level III - Full verification

In our most extensive type of verification, the data and materials in the deposit are used to rebuild, compile, deploy, and test the product in a clean environment to establish the functionality of the product and its deposited source codes.